1. Welcome

Welcome, Early Beta Users

You have been invited to join our Early Beta Program. 
You’ll be creating content using the MVP iPhone app. 

4 mins
Our Mission

Voiijer connects Explorers and their stories, to the world. We are solving real-world challenges and building community.

4 mins

2. Introduction to the App


A very quick, guided tour through the app’s main features.

2 mins
Installing the App

You have received the invite from TestFlight. Following the links in the email is easy: download TestFlight, then Voiijer. If you get stuck, watch this video. 

1 min
Create an Account

Sign up with Google, Apple, or Facebook – it’s easy!

1:30 mins

3. How To

Your Profile

Learn about all the components of your Profile and the visibility of your content. Also look at other user’s Profiles and how they differ.  

2:30 mins
Browse the Feed

See the features and content available on the Feed.

3 mins
Search Content & People

Learn how to Search for specific Topics, Observations, Voiijs and People on the app.

2:30 mins
Start a New Voiij

Understand the minimum requirements to start a new Voiij and be able to invite Collaborators. Start in the Story or the Collection. 

3 mins
Make Observations

There are many types of Observation. Learn how to create or upload Observations, then add details and tags. See what additional data is attached to Observations, including accreditation.

5 mins
Invite & Manage Collaborators

Learn about Reciprocal Following and how to Add Collaborators. Understand Owner vs Collaborator rules for co-creation. 

5 mins
Create & Publish Voiij Stories

Organize Observations into Voiijs Stories, add Findings and Publish your Voiijs (this action cannot be undone). 

X mins
MVP Social Features

Learn how Like, Save and Comments work, and the MVP state of Sharing. 

X mins

4. Events & Workshops

3D Observations (12.15.22)

A special event highlighting the Voiijer app’s support for 3D observations. We take a deep dive into:

  1. Scanning: how to use available (free) scanning apps to create your own 3D observations 
  2. 3D models: how to find them online, and use them on Voiijer
Storytelling & Voiijing (12.21.22)

A discussion about Storytelling on the Voiijer app:


  1. How to: we recap how to Start a New Voiij, the role of Story & Collection, and Collaborators
  2. Storytelling: we discuss various ways to Voiij and tell your Story, and suggestions from beta users on features they’d like to see on the app in future

Frequently Asked Questions

The app is an MVP and we’ve tried to address its limitations below. If you have a question that is not in this list, please contact beta@voiijer.com and we’ll answer it, and add it!

No! Right now the app is fully cloud-based, meaning it needs an active, strong WiFi or cell signal in order to function properly. This includes loading, or accept uploads or updates. If you are in an area with bad reception, it is a good idea to make observations on your phone using the default camera, or VoiceMemo app. You can upload them into the app when you are back on WiFi.

Invitations are working, and can be found in the Notifications tab. However, notifications themselves are not turned on, meaning you will not receive an alert when someone invites you. You will have to manually check the Notifications tab (the “bell” icon on the app menu) to see and accept invites. Neither the invitor, nor the invitee will get an alert, you will have to communicate with each other to confirm invitations have been accepted.

If you have accepted an invite to Collaborate, you will see the Voiij in your Profile in your default Voiijs list. If you invite someone to Collaborate on a Voiij, they will see the Voiij appear on their Profile in their default Voiijs list after they have accepted your invite. It may take a minute to appear, or you can pull down on the list to refresh it.

To add a Collaborator to a Voiij, you must both be following each other. Unfortunately right now you can’t see who you are following, or who is following you from your Profile. Instead, you will need to search for that person and ask them to do the same, then both confirm you are following each other. If you still don’t see them in the Voiij Collaborators list (top left inside the Voiij Story), contact Voiijer for troubleshooting. 

At this stage, no, please don’t. The share button is active on Voiijs and Observations, but (a) please do not share things yet, because the general public cannot access the app, and (b) shares will link back to the main website, not the app.


There are lots of ways to stay connected and informed during the Early Beta Phase:

Join the Early Beta Community WhatsApp
Email us to report issues or ask for help

Check the issue + feature request log

Email us to add or edit something on this list